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My name is Kenneth, most of my close friends called me Ken. I'm a mountaineer, a runner, an adventure-seeker and a software developer. Mountain climbing is what I do most. I'm just simple guy who wants to do more than just exist. I just want to live life for me to inspire my work.

Here are some random facts about me:
1. I am from San Jose, Batangas. And the name of our Barangay is Anus. You read it right but it refers to a bamboo. :D

2. I am not an alcoholic but I am a beer lover.

3. Sometimes lazy at home, but sometimes I'm active. :D

4. I hate second-hand smoke! 

5. Challenge seeker.

6. I rather choose to watch movies than to read novels that why I'm not good in English.
7. I am a funny guy if I'm with a nice people. 

8. Sometimes I want to be alone. But I don't want to hike alone. 

9. I always make fun at work because I know it can bring harmonious relationship with my co-workers, so everyone can be more productive.

10. I want to do more, cause it makes me happy.

I believe having work-life balance can make your life more meaningful. That's one of the reasons why I created this blog. I would like to share all my simple trips, hiking activities, fitness tips and quality time with my family as a Filipino. 

Hope I could inspire you with my blog.

Thank you!

-Kenneth :)


  1. Hi,

    Hope I can come with your group on your next climbs... I am not good at it but I wanted to try to hike as much as I could.



    1. Hi Melissa,

      There will be no problem if you join our group for a climb. However since we don't have any mutual friend and I don't know you at all, I suggest to try it with your friends, so you will enjoy the climb very well. I think my blog posts can help you to arrange a climb and feel free to ask me about it. :)

  2. Hello classmate. Super cool mo pala. Ang gaganda ng mga kuha mo. Clap! Clap! clap!

  3. Hi kenneth, i am karen. I saw your blog accidentally. Very like ko ang mga kuha mo. hehehe
    I am active at running, newbie ako sa hiking, this year naka 5mountains nako. hehe
    they are maculot (pero di ko nareach ang summit kasi grabe init)
    Pico de loro (pero di ko inakyat ang monolith kasi birthday ko un, naniniwala ako sa disgrasya haha)
    Mt. balagbag
    Mt. talamitam and last ko ung Pulag Nov28-29, hay maulan kaya di ko msyado naenjoy.
    Hope mameet kita someday para COOOOLLLLLL hahaha

  4. Hi Karen! Thank you for visiting my blog. :) Nice hobbies. Runner din ako pero mas madalas akong naghihike. Keep on climbing mountains, share photos. You can visit my new blog at This blog will be deleted soon. You can reach me on facebook and instagram. Hope to see you on the trail. :)


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